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Quizable: Ask your students questions

About Quizable

As busy teachers, we needed a quick way of putting online, deadlined, and auto-graded questions in front of our students. We think that posing 2-3 (deadlined) questions to students soon after a class ends is a great way for them to assess and absorb the current topic in a timely manner. This may even encourage them to study, read, and keep up with course material. As one of our students said, "the questions helped me to keep my head into the class."

We've used the usual online course management systems (Blackboard, Moodle, etc.), and they simply require too many clicks to post even a single question. We wanted a system that allowed us to compose and issue questions with about the same effort it takes to send an email--a little typing, followed by clicking "go." Welcome to Quizable.

For example, to post a multiple choice question, worth 5 points, allowing the students 3 tries with a 0.5 point deduction per try, we'd type:

mc//Which planet is closest to the sun?//Earth//Mars//*Mercury//Jupiter//#end//5//3//0.1//yes
Here "mc" stands for multiple choice, and the "yes" at the end, tells the system to display the correct answer after the deadline has passed. The star tags "Mercury" as the correct answer.

We also have MathJax built right in, so properly typesetting mathmematics in our questions is easy as $5x^2+2x+6$ or $\int_0^1 f(x)dx$. You can also include figures with your questions, if some kind of an illustration is needed.

We put a tutorial of Quizable here.


Have a question? Spot a bug or want to make a feature request? Email us at tben...@gmail.com